Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter blues

This time last year I was shushing Fric and Frac. I was holding your hands and helping you struggle your way upright. I helped you waddle around the house with you hanging on to my fingers and my back stooped over. I honestly thought I would never stand up straight again. I led you into the bathroom and there in the tub, was a beautiful basket. Inside it had a big ball, which your brother and sister still toss around the house and sit on. There was no candy, but an assortment of baby toys I prayed would interest you.
Turns out the toys didn't catch your eye, but the big blue ball did. You sat and balanced on that ball all day. With a little help from mom and dad of course. You would roll the ball and try to kiss it. I was thrilled you found something you liked but I confess to being concerned about the germs you were slobbering off it.

We then tried dyeing eggs together. You liked the shape and feel of the eggs and you didn't seem to mind getting your fingers wet with the dye. You were fascinated by the colors your fingers were stained. You sat and stared at your hands for minutes. Trippy.

Off to Grandma's we went, and there you blew bubbles while Fric and Frac rode their bikes. I held you on my lap at supper and let you drool over my mashed potatoes. When it was time for dessert you enjoyed your ice cream. And grossed everyone else out.

This Easter is marred by your memory. No dyeing eggs, no shushing your siblings. It's pretty quiet around here. We still had the egg and basket hunt, but it wasn't the same because I wasn't stooped over. Easter supper is not going to be the same with out you to slobber into my food.

But one thing will be the same, and that will be me, outside blowing bubbles. If you see them Shalebug, they're for you. Sent with love from a mommy who misses you more each day.