Sunday, March 26, 2006

Water Works!

Excuse me, dear internet, for not posting more frequently. But I seem to have bitten off more than I can chew, inviting all the free world's children to stay in my home for the weekend. And bring your untrained puppies too! My coping method: Bury yourself in urine puddles. It makes the grief go away....

In an effort to rejoin the living and resume my place in the hearts of my nephews and niece as their favorite aunty, I am taking them to an indoor waterpark today. Because there is nothing better than trying to corral seven kids while running around with your pasty white, dimpled thighs showing, for all the world to see. Right???

The last time I was in a pool was the day Bug died. It was a fabulous day. In retrospect, I am so very thankful that I had such a wonderful last day with my Shalebug. The images and memories are blazed into my conscience until the day I die. The sky was absolutely pristine blue, not a cloud in sight. It was just warm enough with the sun beating down, that Shalebug and I didn't wear our fall jackets. I held his pudgy little hand into the building where we met his aide. He chewed on the front desk, because he would drool on anything, until I tugged at his arm and told him that was gross. I watched him toddle into the change room, where he had to stop and play with the open door. Once we were inside, there was a very large, very saggy, very naked older lady changing out of her suit. Ok, so I could lose that image, it was fairly traumatic. I made a joke with Bug's aide, and offered to help change him out of his clothes. My offer was declined, and I wanted to get the hell away from scary, jiggly, naked lady so I scampered off with my tail tucked between my legs. But not before Bug and I drooled our love over one another.

I took off shopping, I was buying a breast pump for my Nazi friend. (Don't worry, dear internet, she is not really a Nazi. She just likes to boss me around like one.) After my requisite stop at the local Timmy's, where I greeted my gang of aging farmers, I went to pick Shalebug up.

He was dressed, and playing in the sand box, waiting for me. His hair was wet and he had his shades on. He saw me and couldn't toddle over fast enough. We slimed each other, because that's what we do did. His aide told me he had a wonderful time in the pool, for the first time the water didn't freak him out. She said he giggled and splashed, and there were no tears. A real first for Bug, who had sensory issues. Water therapy seemed to be working! Yay!

Bug pressed the button for the door, and toddled off into the sunshine and out into the parking lot. I packed him into his car seat and waved good bye to his aide, after thanking her. Shalebug and I then proceeded on to my Nazi friend's house. We rocked out the whole way to Nickelback's new c.d.

It was a great day, and I am thankful for it. So today, as I desperately act like my neon white thighs are cool, I am going to remember that day and rejoice. And be thankful I don't look like the jiggly lady in the locker room.