Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sweet dreams with a Chill pill

I dreamt last night of my Shalebug. Blue eyes bright, the giggle I would sell my soul to hear again. He was wearing blue coveralls and he was annoyed by my constant need to smother him with kisses. Much like in real life. I hope he is happy and someone is taking good care of him. Because his mommy misses him so.

But today is another day, post-Bug. Today brings new struggles, new joys. I woke up to the sounds of Fric and Frac giggling like mad over (what else?) potty humor. Not the same as blue eyes at the edge of the bed, but not bad either. I am going to soldier on and face my family with grace, dignity and perhaps a touch of liquor in my coffee. My husband will hold my hand and dry my eyes. And I am going to take my best friend's advice before leaving, and take a chill-pill.

And if none of these things work, well, there is always the family ham.