Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Snowing in heaven

It snowed here last night. I mean, really snowed. Fric and Frac are ecstatic and can't wait to hop on their sleds and go for a ride. I sit here, looking out my window and everything outside is so serene. The tree limbs are drooping, so heavy the snow weighs on them. The white of the snow is so pristine and there are no tracks to mar the pretty white carpet - yet. And all I can think about was Shalebug didn't get to walk in the snow. Or squint at the brightness. He just started walking this May. He hadn't quite mastered it by the time he passed, but it was coming. I can imagine bringing him outside this morning and watching him try to walk. He would protect his eyes with his forearm, so bright the gleam from the snow. And then he would take one crooked step and ... fall. His hand would reach out to steady himself and when the snow hit his hands, wrapped around his fingers he would lift his hand quickly, as if he was burned. He wouldn't make a sound, and I would laugh and scoop him up and then lick the snow from his fingers. And off we would go.
I wonder if it snowed last night in heaven?